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Author: Phil Reinhardt

Should you Auto Direct Message Your Twitter Followers?

Recently I was asked "We are thinking about using ABC product to automatically direct message everyone who follows us on Twitter. What do you think about that?" In a word, NO!   Actually, I believe two words say it better: NO WAY! Why such a strong reaction? Let's forget this is social media. Instead pretend

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Dear Twitter User – That Message Was Real

If you recently received an e-mail from Twitter telling you your password was hacked, it's no joke, it's for real. Here's the e-mail I received. I actually got it twice - as I am the primary manager of 2 Twitter accounts. Don't believe me? If you got this e-mail, don't click the

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How to Create a Well Optimized LinkedIn Company Page

Have you created a LinkedIn company page yet? If you haven't, this short article will help in doing so quickly, and effectively, so it's optimized for the search engines. Creating a LinkedIn Company Page 1. Go to http://www.linkedin.com/companies . Click on Add a Company. 2. Enter the company name and your official email

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