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Sales and Positioning for Professional Speakers: Twitter Chat with Lois Creamer: #NSAChat

Are you a professional speaker, or do you aspire to be a professional speaker? Are you looking for ideas on how to better position yourself so people can hire you to speak?

Tomorrow (Tuesday) January 29th, 2013, join Lois Creamer (@LoisCreamer on Twitter) in the first ever #NSAChat, moderated by Eliz Greene (@ElizGreene). Lois works with professional speakers who want to book more business, make more money and avoid costly mistakes. Sound like someone you could learn from? It sure does to me. But first, a little background about Twitter chats and specifically, #NSAChat.

What is #NSAChat?

#NSAChat is a weekly conversation that takes place every Tuesday afternoon starting at 12 noon Central, on Twitter.  Each week we discuss a different topic of interest to professional speakers, and people who want to be professional speakers.

So what’s the topic?

Each week we pick a new topic. We’ll talk about all things a professional speaker needs to know. Positioning. Marketing. Tactics. Strategy. Book writing. We’ll cover it all, and pull no punches. I’ll be talking about social media for professional speakers soon, so stay tuned.

You said #NSAChat is ‘on Twitter’.  How does that work?

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Twitter, you know that there are more conversations than you can hope to keep up with at any one time. Adding a hashtag like #NSAChat to your tweets, makes it easier for everyone to track and keep up with the conversation.

Think of the #NSAChat hashtag as a keyword that everyone participating in the chat adds to their tweets, so if you search on Twitter for the phrase ‘#NSAchat’, you will see all the tweets that are related to the conversation!  Without #NSAChat in the tweets, it would be impossible to keep up or see what was relevant to the conversation and then you’d be lost.

How can I participate in #NSAChat?


The easiest way is to go to http://tweetchat.com about 10 minutes before the chat starts and click the Sign In button. Sign in using your Twitter credentials and then insert NSAChat in the box that says Enter a hashtag to follow and then click Go.

#NSAChat box

When you want to say something during the chat, just enter what you want to say in the box that says Message to #NSAChat and you’ll be part of the professional speaker stream that is #NSAChat.

NOTE: You’ll see you only get 131 characters instead of the 140 you might expect with Twitter. That’s because TweetChat.com adds the hashtag for you. But don’t use all 131 characters. Try to keep your questions to about 100 characters so others can share them (retweet or RT).

Lois CreamerA little more about the expert that is Lois Creamer

Lois Creamer works with speakers who want to book more business, make more money and avoid costly mistakes. She started her business in 1998 after working several years for a successful speaker. Prior to that Lois worked in corporate sales and marketing.

She is KICK BUTT AWESOME! I’ve been to one of Lois’ mastermind groups, and to say it was business changing is a HUGE understatement. And I paid a LOT more than free for her insights – and she was worth every penny.

You can learn more from Lois Creamer at her website Book More Business.

Get your butt to tomorrow’s #NSAChat with Lois. You’ll thank me for it! 


How to Change Twitter Backgrounds

It’s time to give your twitter page the same attention to detail that you give to your website. Phil Gerbyshak like many people recently updated his website with a professional look that compliments his outgoing personality. With that done he is now focused on giving his twitter page that same Gerbyshak look!

Using http://www.philgerbyshak.com as a style we began to overhaul https://twitter.com/PhilGerb.


The first step was adding a twitter header. Twitter’s latest feature allows you to upload a 1600×600 pixel header image. Click here to learn more about creating twitter headers.


Possibly the most bang for your buck is creating a custom background image.  The background can consist of colors, gradients, textures, patterns or photography. But keep in mind you want these to be consistent with your brand experience.


The space to the left of your twitter page works ideally as a business card. Information such as name, email, phone number or even product photos work great here. Twitter is all about making connections with people, so I also think it is important to have a photo of yourself or your customers to give your page that personal touch.

When you put that all together you have a polished twitter account that is consistent with your brand and engaging for your followers! @PhilGerb