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Facebook EdgeRank is Dead! Facebook Allows Users to Sign Up for Page Notifications!

For some users, Facebook is allowing notifications for page updates. Yay! Let’s all cheer for the death of the mysterious EdgeRank way of showing only those “most popular” posts from pages you “really” like.

Facebook EdgeRank is deadYay!

Facebook EdgeRank is dead!

Not so fast. Facebook EdgeRank as we know it isn’t dead.

This new feature is opt in. This means you have to educate, er annoy, your existing fans with instructions about how they can opt in to see every page update you have.

And you have to find a way to educate NEW fans, or you’ll have the same problem with them, thanks to Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm.

For fans, this is great. You can go back and select which pages you REALLY want notifications from, and let the rest be subject to Facebook’s EdgeRank algorith. As far as I can tell, there’s no “all on” switch, so you won’t get spammed with notifications from the 2500 pages you’ve liked in the past.

For those people managing Facebook fan pages, you need to tell your fans about how to not be subject to Facebook EdgeRank (likely several times) before everyone who wants to does it. Which means you’re providing your fans with LESS valuable content, and more “Hey, you really want to listen to me and here’s how” content, causing new people to NOT like your page because they don’t see a benefit to liking you, they just see you shouting at them.

For Facebook, this is a great way to pacifiy business page managers and get users to spend more time on Facebook, as you’ll need to visit Facebook to see what all those notifications are. Or it’s a great way to ignore the multitude of notifications users will get, making notifications nearly useless.

I think it’s very smart on Facebook’s part – and very sneaky. It’s another more way for Facebook to make more money from advertisers, and ultimately from brands who need to spend more money, more time, more effort, to get the same level of engagement they had just a few months ago.

Dear reader: Do you have this feature yet? What do you think about it: As a Facebook user? As a page manager?