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What's Next for Social Media Marketing?

Our clients often ask, “What’s next for social media marketing?” We have some great ideas on what we think is next, and we happily share those thoughts with them.

But earlier this year, I thought it would be even smarter to ask other smart people what THEY think is next for social media marketing. Some people who actually use social media to grow their business, and to grow business for their clients’ businesses.

And what they came up with is now put together in this free ebook, packed with insights from 11 of the smartest people we know in the marketing space.

Contributors include:

  • Aaron Biebert
  • Berni Xiong
  • Carol Roth
  • Catherine Morgan
  • Colin Deval
  • Gini Dietrich
  • Jeannie Walters
  • Jesse Petersen
  • Jonathan Brewer
  • Mallie Hart
  • Ron McDaniel
  • and me, Phil Gerbyshak

So go ahead! View the ebook in your browser – or download it and save it for later. It’s up to you.

What do YOU think is going to happen to social media marketing in 2013? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.