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How to Create a Well Optimized LinkedIn Company Page

Have you created a LinkedIn company page yet? If you haven’t, this short article will help in doing so quickly, and effectively, so it’s optimized for the search engines.

Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Company Pages

1. Go to http://www.linkedin.com/companies . Click on Add a Company.

2. Enter the company name and your official email id. Your email address should have your company name (or at least a part of it) as the e-mail domain.

You now have a company page on LinkedIn. But you need to do more to optimize your LinkedIn Company Page

A few notes for your LinkedIn Company Page:

1. The individual profile owner who has created the company page should be able to see the Edit Page section on the top right of the company page. To have permission to make status updates via your LinkedIn company page, click on Edit Page and then assign designated admins for your company page.

2. When you click Edit Page, you will have an option of filling in details like: company size, company website, company description, company location and other details. Warning: If you do not specify your company admins for your company page, anyone who is an employee of the company (LinkedIn recognizes this by their work email address) can edit the information on your company page.

In other words: Don’t be stupid – Designate an admin!

3. Head to the Products & Services tab on the top, below the company page name, and next to the Home tab. There is an edit option there. Page admins can add the company’s products and/or on this tab.

4. Last but not least, the Careers tab is located to the left of the products and services tab. This allows you to post a job as a page admin and showcase your company’s culture and who you really are.

If you do all 6 of the steps listed above, you will have a well optimized LinkedIn company page for your organization which will start getting indexed by Google and the other search engines, thus providing you with another opportunity to build your platform and claim your space online.

Want to stand out? Add in images to your company page.

First, you have to be a Company Page administrator.

Image requirements