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Social Media Graphic Packages

You know you need to “brand” consistently across major sites like  Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter - but  you're not quite sure how to get it done.  

Or maybe you just haven’t had the time?

In recent years social media has fast become the online marketing tool of choice and is arguably now significantly more important than Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The rise of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube has opened up new marketing opportunities, through which your target markets can be reached, engaged and ultimately, converted to paying customers.

Social media can now be used to engage customers, drive traffic to your site and ultimately convert leads, so your social media presence is an important marketing consideration for any business. How a business portrays its brand and executes on its brand promise in the social media landscape should be given careful consideration.

Milwaukee Social Media specializes in branding and design for social media platforms and we have experience developing outstanding - attention grabbing - Social Media Graphic Packages!

Graphic Packs

Quit being embarrassed about your social media sites.  Hire Milwaukee Social Media to do your graphics, and feel proud and excited when you invite people to learn about you and your business on your social channels!

No more hassles and hours wasted, nose buried in a computer screen, trying to figure out how to put up a good looking social page.  Don’t let your competition beat you out any more.  Let us handle it for you so you can focus on helping your customers and growing your business.

Choose one of three social media graphic packages to fit your budget:

Two-Pack: Attractive branding across two sites of your choice – we recommend starting with Facebook and Twitter, just $397 for a limited time only – CONTACT US NOW!

Four-Pack: Double the reach of a Two Pack and attract customers from Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter, just $697 for a limited time only – CONTACT US NOW!

Six-Pack: Pull out all the stops and get more business with your brand on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, just $997 for a limited time only –CONTACT US NOW!

Why wait?  You have nothing to lose and a whole world of the best customers out there to gain.  Order one of our affordable packages now and put yourself in a position to enjoy a steady stream of great new business leads!